Lest We Forget

Willie McCoy1998-2019

Willie McCoy, a 20-year-old rapper was killed by police on February 9, 2019, while sleeping in his car.

Willie had fallen asleep in his car at a drive-through restaurant. Six police officers surrounded his car. According to the official police report they noticed that a gun was lying in Willie McCoy's lap.

The officers knocked at the car window but did not get any response. The doors were locked. Then the officers started firing 55 rounds of ammunition into Willie McCoy's car, with more than twenty bullets hitting his head, neck and chest.

The Vallejo Police Department claimed that Willie McCoy had started to move and that he appeared to reach for the gun. The video footage from the body cams does not make it clear if Willie had woken up or was still asleep when the officers started shooting. The Vallejo Police Department hired a company to compile a report of the incident.

The report concludes that the officers handled reasonably by shooting 55 bullets into a sleeping man. The company which compiled the report was the same company which had also determined that the police officers who had killed Stephon Clark in his grandparents' yard had acted reasonably.

One of the six officers who shot Willie McCoy had been involved in the shooting of another black man in 2018.

The Vallejo Police Department has a history of using excessive force. An officer earned a promotion after shooting three people within a period of five months.

Willie McCoy's family said that he was "executed by a firing squad".