Lest We Forget

Walter Scott1965-2015

On April 4, 2015, Walter Scott was stopped by police officer Michael Slager for a non-functioning brake light in North Charleston, South Carolina. Scott tried to run away towards an empty lot, with Slager following him on foot. The two became involved in a physical altercation during which Slager shot Scott with his Taser. Scott fled at which point Slager pulled his handgun and fired eight shots at Scott.

Slager claimed that Scott had grabbed his teaser and that he feared for his life.

A video taken by a bystander contradicted Slager's report of the incident. The video shows that Scott was unarmed when he was running away from Slager. He was not holding the Taser. He was not attacking. He was running away. Unarmed.

In the video it can be seen that after he had murdered Walter Scott officer Slager picked up his Taser and placed it closer to where the victim was lying.

Walter Scott was the father for four children.

In December 2017, Slager was sentenced to 20 years in prison for second-degree murder.