Lest We Forget

Sean Worsley

On 15 August 2016 U.S. Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient Sean Worsley and his wife were driving through Alabama. At a gas station a police officer told them that their loud music violates Alabama law. After they turned down the music the officer searched the car and found medical marijuana which was prescribed to Mr. Worsley to help him with post-traumatic stress disorder after his military deployment in Iraq.

The police officer said that medical marijuana is not legal in the state of Alabama. He handcuffed and arrested Mr. Worsley. He also arrested Mr. Worsley's wife for carrying pain killer pills in her pocket which were not in their original bottle. The couple spent six days in jail.

Sean Worsley was charged with a class C felony. He lost his job and home because of the arrest in Alabama.

In 2020 Sean Worsley was pulled over again, this time in Arizona. Because his medical card had expired the court in Alabama sentenced Sean Worsley to five years in prison for possession of medial marijuana.

In October 2020 Mr. Worsley was granted parole.

On 9 November 2020, after serving almost 10 months in Alabama jails for felony possession of medical marijuana legally prescribed in his home state of Arizona, Sean Worsley walked out of the Draper Correctional Facility.