Lest We Forget

Patrick Dorismond1974-2000

Patrick Dorismond was a security guard and the father of two children. On March 16, 2000 he and a friend were standing in front of a bar when NYPD undercover police officers asked them where they could buy marijuana. Angered by the police's racial profiling Patrick Dorismond got in a dispute with one of the officers, Anthony Vasquez, telling him that he was not a drug dealer.

When the dispute became physical Patrick Dorismond was shot. Dorsimond's friend said that it was Vasquez who had started the fight. Vasquez claimed that Dorismond had tried to grab his gun which then discharged.

In order to distract from the public outrage cause by the murder of a Black man by a white police officer Rudy Giuliani ordered to release Patrick Dorismond's sealed juvenile delinquency record, which was completely irrelevant to the case. Guiliani tried to smear Patrick Dorismond's name, tried to make the victim look bad.


On July 27, 2000 a jury declined to indict Anthony Vasquez.