Lest We Forget

Kenneth Chamberlain1943-2011

On November 19, 2011, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. was killed in White Plains, New York after police officers forcefully entered his apartment.

Mr. Chamberlain had a chronic heart disease. His LifeAid medical alert necklace was triggered accidentally while he was asleep. When the police responded to the alert and forcefully knocked on Chamberlain's door the 68-year old got frightened told the officers through the door that he is not sick and that he does not need any help.

The officers refused to leave and broke down his apartment door. During the incident, which was recorded by a LifeAid recording device, one of the officers can be heard addressing Chamberlain as "nigger".

The police first shot him with a Taser and then fired two gun shots in his chest, killing Mr. Chamberlain. They claimed that Kenneth Chamberlain had threatened them with a knife.

In 2012, a grand jury decided to not indict the police officers.

In June 2020, the 2nd Circuit of Appeals ruled that a federal judge was wrong to dismiss parts of a lawsuit against the police for excessive use of force. The case of the murder of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. has been re-opened.