Lest We Forget

Jermane Scott

At the age of 19 Jermane Scott was charged with aggravated murder, forgery, burglary and misuse of a credit card. He was convicted for having killed a retired teacher from Springfield, Ohio. Mr. Jones admitted that he and some friends used the victim's credit card, but he maintains his innocence in the murder of Mr. Bertram Thomas.

Faced with a possible charge of murder two of Jermane's friends who had used the victim's credit card turned into witnesses against their friend and testified that Jermaine had admitted to them that he had killed Mr. Thomas. At this point, it was case closed for the Springfield police department.

Aside from those questionable testimonies by teenagers involved in the same crime as Mr. Scott there was no evidence linking Jermane Scott to the murder of Mr. Thomas. DNA tests were negative and Jermane Scott even has an alibi for the time when Mr. Thomas was killed. Scott’s attorneys did not call the alibi witness who could potentially have cleared his name.

Jermane Scott was sentenced to life without parole.

There are many striking inconsistencies in the investigation of the death of Mr. Bertram Thomas. Jermane Scott was wrongfully convicted. He has spent the last 23 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Friends and family of Jermane Scott created a website about his story at https://justice4jermane.wordpress.com/ with a lot of information about the case. Jermane Scott has also written about his own story. There is also a video about Jermane's story. And finally, there is a petition you can sign to demand justice for Jermane.