Lest We Forget

Gerald Marshall

Gerald Marshall and two friends had planned a "fake robbery" of a fast-food restaurant. The restaurant's shift manager was part of their plan. He was supposed to hand over the money and nobody would get hurt. But one of Gerald's friend, Ronald Worthy, shot and killed a restaurant employee. While Worthy is a free man, Gerald is awaiting his execution.

The state of Texas built its case on the statements of Gerald's friends. His co-defendants were offered lower prison sentences if they testified against Gerald. Although the description of the killer by an eye witness matched Ronald Worthy it was Gerald who was sentenced to death.

While Gerald Marshall is guilty of participating in a robbery, he is not guilty of the killing of a man. Justice was not served. The state of Texas wrongfully convicted Gerald Marshall of a crime he did not commit.

There are a lot of the details on how Gerald was framed by the Texas state and the co-defendants on the Justice For Gerald website. Please sign the petition to help free Gerald from a wrongful execution.

There is also a moving documentary called "Glass between us" about Gerald's story where Gerald talks about his own difficult childhood and how he is continuing to fight for justice for himself to be able to be with his son, Jaelon, who was born when Gerald was already in investigative custody. They have only seen each other with a pane of glass between them. Being on death row for 17 years, Gerald has not been able to even give his son a hug.