Lest We Forget

Eurie Stamps1942-2011

On 5 Jan 2011 a group of Framingham SWAT team officers entered Mr. Stamps apartment. They had been investigating his stepson. Eurie Stamps was not a suspect.

After breaking down the front door the SWAT team ordered Eurie Stamps to get on the floor. He complied and put his hands near his head, as he was told. As officer Paul Duncan stood guard over Eurie Stamps he shot him in the head. Duncan claimed that he had stumbled and accidentally fired his rifle.

Duncan was temporarily put on paid administrative leave but returned to the Framingham police force since. No charges were filed against him.

Mr. Stamps death was ruled an "accidental death" but many people disagree. On 1 August 2020 a march was organised in Cambridge, MA by Black Lives Matter, demanding justice for Eurie Stamps: "The FPD has maintained that Mr. Stamps’ death was an unfortunate accident. We vehemently disagree. Mr. Stamps’ killing was the direct result of Officer Duncan’s intentional, grossly negligent conduct that violated FPD rules and the training he had received."

Eurie Stamps Sr. was 68 years old and the grandfather of 12 grandchildren.