Lest We Forget

EJ Bradford1997-2018

In the evening of November 22, 2018, two police officers responded to a shooting in a mall in Birmingham, Alabama. Two people had been shot. The officers believed 21-year-old African-American EJ Bradford to be the shooter as he was holding a gun in his hand.

Any eye-witness confirmed that EJ Bradford was holding a gun in his hand. But the witness also said that EJ stood motionless and that he was holding the gun in his hand lowered by his side. He did not respond when the police officers told him to drop his gun. He just stood there. One of the officers shot EJ Bradford in the back three times. EJ was killed instantly.

The Birmingham police later found out that EJ had not been involved in the first shooting.

The question remains why the police officer shot a passive man. Shot him in the head, in the neck and in the upper torso. Was it because of lack of training? Or did he aim at the head because EJ Bradford happened to be black?