Lest We Forget

Dijon Kizzee1991-2020

On August 31st, 2020, Dijon Kizzee was stopped by police in Los Angeles as he was riding a bike. According to police Mr. Kizzee punched one of the officers in the face and ran away. The policemen followed him. At some point Mr. Kizzee lost a bundle of clothes and a handgun. Two police officers felt threatened and started firing.

Witnesses of the scene said that Dijon Kizzee had thrown his jacket and gun to the ground and then raised his arms. At this point the police started shooting Mr. Kizzee. The witnesses said that he had posed no threat to the policemen since he had thrown his gun to the ground.

The two officers shot Dijon Kizzee in the back as he was running away. They did not shoot in the air to give him a warning. They did not shoot him in his leg, to keep him from running. They shot him in the back, more than 20 times. They kept shooting even as Dijon Kizzee already lay on the ground.