Lest We Forget

David McAtee1967-2020

Louisville Police Department officers were enforcing a city-wide curfew during protest of the killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd on June 1, 2020. When they approached a gathering outside of David McAtee's BBQ stand the police officers immediately started firing pepper balls at the people.

On the surveillance camera footage the people in front of David McAtee's BBQ are seen fleeing inside McAtee's building. David McAtee is then seen to make his way to his front door and appears to be firing a warning shot in the air - something, which is common amongst business owners to scare away looters or burglars.

Moments later the video shows David McAtee tumbling back inside - fatally shot by one of the police officers.

To enforce a curfew is one thing. But to immediately fire pepper balls at people who peacefully gather at a local BBQ stand is a sign of racial profiling and unnecessary brutality against people of color. Police departments are quick to claim self-defense after killing a black person and officers in most cases are acquitted of any wrong-doing. This time it was a black man who fired a warning shot in self-defense - and was killed.