Lest We Forget

Charleena Lyles1987-2017

When the policemen arrived at the apartment and saw Charleena Lyles with a knife in her hand both police officers, Jason Anderson and Steven McNew, immediately opened fire and shot her several times. She was killed in front of her three children age 11, 4 and 1.

Charleena Lyles had mental health issues, which was known to the police officers. She had been arrested previously. Instead of wrestling her down or tasing her they shot and killed a woman who was in need of help.

The two police officers were cleared of any wrongdoing by Judge Julie Spector. She ruled that yelling "Step back!" and opening fire when the order was not immediately followed justified the use of lethal force.

Neither Judge Julie Spector nor officers Jason Anderson and Steven McNew took into account that Charleena Lyles had mental health issues.