Lest We Forget

Ahmaud Arbery1994-2020

On February 23rd 2020, a sunny Sunday afternoon, Ahmaud Avery was jogging through a white neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia. Retired police officer Gregory McMichael saw Ahmaud and assumed that he was a burglar, because Ahmaud was Black. He and his son Travis McMichael grabbed their guns and followed Ahmaud in their truck. They stopped him and shot him twice. They then claimed self-defense.

Ahmaud was unarmed. Ahmaud was not a burglar. Ahmaud happened to be African American.

The Glynn county police department made no arrests until the lawyers of Ahmaud's family released a witness' video of the lynching. Due to public outcry over the brutal murder of a 25-year old innocent and unarmed Black man, the Glynn county police department could no longer cover up former county police officer Gregory McMichael.

On evening of May 7th Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, were arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault.

A neighbour who filmed a video of the confrontation, William Bryan, was arrested on 21 May and charged with criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment.